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Hello! My name is Siarhei Palishchuk but on the internet, I am known as smeshny for a quarter of a century. Here’s a little information about my background and how smeshny.com came into being.

I am a graduate of the Mozhaysky Military-Space Academy, co-founder of land surveying company “Bisector”. I am interested in information security, programming and cryptocurrencies. I ride on all the boards you can imagine.

My main area of interest is local SEO and digital marketing. I’m constantly looking for a way to exploit Google with the best SEO practices.

I made this blog to write about interesting and unobvious things that I find in my practice.

Of course, I’m kidding you!

In fact, I made this blog to attract backlinks to my articles in order to increase the domain rating.

Feel free to contact with me!